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Are you looking for a practical based Web Development with PHP Course that will help you...

Get Jobs in MNC | Make Online Income through Freelancing

What will you learn in this Course?

🔥 In this Advanced Web Development with PHP Course, we will teach you

  •  Become Web Developer and Start Earning.
  • Apply for Job as Junior Web Developer.
  • Become Freelancer Web developer.
  • Start your own online Business.
  •  Learn to build websites.
  • Be proficient with databases and server-side languages with PHP and MySQL.
  • Become a front-end and Back-end developer –

What will you learn in this Course?

Introduction to Web Development with PHP Course

  • What will we learn and why?
  • Introduction


  • Set up the environment
  • First web page
  • Heading tags
  • Paragraph tag
  • Text formatting
  • Exercise explained
  • Comments and tooltips
  • Let’s give some style!
  • Creating Links
  • Adding image to web page
  • HTML lists
  • Forms
  • Div and break tag


  • Inline and internal CSS
  • External css
  • id and class
  • Background color
  • Exercise explained
  • Borders
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Hight/width
  • Text style
  • Fonts
  • Google Fonts
  • Display property
  • Overflow property
  • Float property
  • Aligning elements
  • Combinators
  • Form

HTML CSS Project: Portfolio website from zero

  • Intro
  • Navbar
  • About page
  • About page 2
  • Services Page
  • Contact page

Responsive Design

  • Introduction to responsive design
  • Making a responsive navbar

Web Design with Bootstrap

  • What is bootstrap
  • Bootstrap classes
  • Grid system at bootstrap
  • Bootstrap components

HTML CSS and Bootstrap Project: News Website From Zero

  • Introduction to news website project
  • Setting up the environment
  • Navbar
  • Dark Menu
  • Seting the grid system
  • Placing the cards
  • Editing the cards
  • Slider and summary of what have done so far
  • Aside cards
  • The final

JavaScript : Interactive web pages

  • What is Javascript
  • Internal Javascript
  • Accessing html elements with javascript
  • Comments and Errors
  • Onclick events
  • Making complicated things simpler
  • Getting input from user
  • Simple project
  • Changing css properties with javascript

JavaScript : Coding basics

  • What is programming
  • Variables
  • Variables 2
  • Variables 3
  • Example with variables
  • if else statements
  • if not statements
  • Example with if else statements
  • OR Operator
  • AND Operator
  • Making comparisons
  • Grade calculator project
  • Incrementing a variable value
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Do while loop
  • Arrays
  • Accessing array elements
  • Let’s find a certain user
  • Functions
  • Functions example
  • External javasctipt

JavaScript : jQuery Library

  • Setting up
  • Detect a click (events)
  • document.ready function
  • Change html content with javascript
  • Change css properties with javascript
  • Creating circles
  • Changing circle styles
  • this usage
  • hide effect
  • show effect
  • fadeIn and fadeOut
  • slideDown function
  • Example of slideDown
  • animate function

Interactive Form Project with jQuery

  • Introduction to project
  • Setting up environment
  • Creating the form
  • Checking empty inputs
  • Password validation
  • Final touches

Bonus Project: Memory Cards Game with Jquery

  • Introduction to project
  • Setting up
  • Building grid system
  • Show image only on card click
  • Fixing an error
  • Cards match
  • Final touches


  • Intro to PHP
  • XAMPP installation
  • First PHP code
  • Variables at PHP
  • Arrays at PHP
  • PHP Operators
  • if else statements at PHP
  • PHP Comparisons
  • For loop at PHP
  • While and do while loop
  • Switch case
  • Intro to PHP functions
  • Example with PHP functions
  • PHP Functions with Arguments
  • PHP functions argument passing example
  • PHP Simple Calculator with Functions
  • Introduction to GET and POST variables
  • GET variables
  • POST variables
  • Example with POST variables
  • include function


  • Let’s meet with database
  • Connect database to website
  • display members on web page
  • Example member sign up
  • Example displaying members
  • Delete members from database

PHP and MySQL Login Signup System

  • Setup
  • Signup Form Interface
  • Setup the database and PHP task
  • Database connection and user creation
  • Welcome page
  • PHP session variables
  • Logout the user
  • Login page interface
  • Login system

Advanced Project: Blog website with admin panel

  • Introduction to project (important to watch)
  • Setting up
  • User Navbar
  • Grid system
  • Admin login page
  • Admin login page styling with css
  • Admin login back end system
  • Staying logged in with session variables
  • Admin navbar
  • Building the admin page
  • Create a post as an admin
  • Display the posts
  • Give some style to the posts
  • Give some style to the aside headings
  • Give some style to the admin panel
  • Preventing double insertion to database
  • Delete post as an admin
  • Prevent non-admins to access admin panel
  • prevent non-admins from accessing to admin panel


You should join this course if...

  • You want to learn Basics of Web Development
  • You are looking to join Companies as a web Developer
  • You want to generate a passive second source of income along with your existing job/Business
  • You want to automate your business or startup
  •  You want to make your hobby your profession
  •  Work as a freelance Web Developer
  • Learn professional developer best practices

Note: This course will cover all Modules, Topics, and Secretes that a big Companies want you to know, this you can crack any job interview of your dream company


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What if I miss out on any of the sessions?

Students can either cover the missed topic by attending the upcoming batches/sessions for free there are no charges.

What to do in case of difficulty in understanding any topic?

Just ask your topic-specific queries to your trainer/guide. You get time to use the extra time during or after the class for such queries

Can you tell me about the placements offered?

There is 100% placement assistance provided along with help for interview preparations. The HR team would provide assistance and help you out with the interview preparations until you get placed.

Are there any eligibility criteria to join as a Digitalz Compusys?

If you have successfully passed 12th, you can be a part of the Digitalz Compusys(for freelancing/learning) and if you wish to join the course for job purpose, then you must be a graduate at least in any field. Working professionals and business owners are also eligible for this Digital Marketing Course.

What about the salary in this field?

It majorly depends on your area of specialization. However, initially, one can expect anywhere in the range of 10-15K per month, while the experienced one can expect anywhere between the range of 20K-35K per month. Salary depends on both your knowledge and performance during the interview, and while working in the organization.

Will you get a certificate?

Here, certification plays an important role in one’s career. It boosts your chances of getting hired by multiple companies worldwide. It will also help you in getting freelancing projects and more. In the Digital marketing course, we happen to provide various certifications which also comprise a course completion certificate.

We, at Digitalz Compusys – “The institute of digital marketing courses” provide the best certified practical based advanced digital marketing courses in Nagpur which imparts the best skills that impact the lives of our students forever.

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