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We have 4 different types of Digitalz Products, each product has its own unique functions and concepts.

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Digitalz Classroom is a Official App of Digitalz Compusys, Digitalz Classroom is a online learning app, in this app we give a basic to advanced  level digital marketing courses with 23 modules as well as certification.

The courses will help each student to leverage one's unique personal & professional journey for future growth.

Complete all the modules successfully & receive an advanced certificate in Digital Marketing from Digitalz Compusys.

start learning at just ₹499/- only    


Digitalz Cards is a virtual card which you can stored on your phone, it is convenient & it has data security, the secure cloud storage & also easily accessable.

Digitalz Cards are also known as Digitalz Business Cards, it can be created on IOS, Android or Computer & completely customized to fit your mobile screen.

Digitalz Cards has unique features like, one click call, one click WhatsApp, get direction, website & social media links, payment options like UPI, QR Code, Google pay, PhonePe, mobile number etc.

Also, you can see the unique visitors count on your business card, it captures lead with enquiry & unlimited share.


Using location technology to solve global challenges. MapsBook acts like a tour guide whenever you want to travel the world. It helps to make your trip easier by giving updated information about the respective places, also it shows every other thing you need while traveling like food corner at the place, hotels to stay, petrol pump etc.

It also tells about which time of the year it is more suitable to visit that respective place. you can also watch informative & useful videos in MapsBook, about the place you want to discover.

MapsBook is the best app you can get if you do most of your trip planning & navigation from your phone, you can get route to any place in the world just by searching the name in MapsBook. 


Jugadu shopping app is leading price comparison app as well as Jugadu is a problem solving solution for people, who are looking for comparing the product price before buying. 


You can compare prices of 100+ categories like clothes, groceries, medical etc. Simply compare prices on Jugadu app and save money on your online shopping.


Over and above price comparison Jugadu app offers in depth product reviews, specification & latest news to stay up to date on all things.


Compare, Buy & Save Money.

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