About Us

Digitalz Compusys is the 1st certified practical based Digital Marketing Institute in Nagpur, India. Digitalz Compusys came into existence in the year 2021 with an aim to provide best quality Digital marketing knowledge to the students. We at Digitalz Compusys want our students to go big in the field of Digital Marketing.

We at Digitalz Compusys aims to build students career in the field of Digital marketing with our well step by step structured practical oriented training program. All you need to bring is the desire and will to learn and succeed. All the other aspects will be cover by us at Digitalz Compusys.

“Learn & Earn Digitally. Join us now!!!”


The Right People In The Right Jobs


Our Vision

Our vision is to produce top quality digital marketing professionals, we are focused to provide best knowledge to fresher’s and experienced individuals through our expert and experienced faculties and help them achieve their dream of establish their start-ups or getting jobs in top companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our students industry ready as per current industrial requirements so that they stand out from the competition in terms of their knowledge, technical skills, positive attitude, confidence, and result oriented approach. 

Our Motive

The motive of Digitalz Compusys –‘Learn and earn digitally’, is to impart digital skills into potential individuals helping them becoming a top digital marketing professional.


Our Objective

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We at Digitalz Compusys are completely focused on imparting quality practical knowledge in our students. Top quality knowledge is top priority at Digitalz Compusys. At Digitalz Compusys , every student is important to us and their growth is our main objective. A well planned course schedule allow us to give sufficient live project, case studies and practical tasks to our students making them professional at their work, which will help them getting a job in a top organization or establishing and managing their own start-ups. Our bond will the students will be forever. Our students will be like family to us, a lifetime assistance from our end will be provided to them, our doors are always open for you 24/7.

Training Ideology

In-Class Practical Implementation Training

Here, practical oriented training forms the main element of this Digital Marketing training program.

Our aim is to provide hands-on industry-based knowledge and skills to the trainees. Practical training is given to them not just to make them job-ready from the first day itself, but to make them confident enough to stand among others and freelancing specific skills as well. This would prepare them for the various career alternatives and for excelling in Digital Marketing.

In Digital Marketing, what matters the most is putting your knowledge into reality. That’s exactly where we focus and train you accordingly!

Case Study & Assignments Based Learning

This advanced practical Digital Marketing training program is specially designed to offer various case studies and assignments for strengthening the minds of the trainees.

While real-time case studies would aid in better understanding of a topic or concept, the purpose of assignments is to check how much the students have understood a particular topic or concept or to find out the grasping power of the trainees. The assignments are reviewed by our experts and feedbacks are provided to the students from time to time.

This ensures and enable the students to find out where they are lacking, and in which areas strengthening is required. real-life Digital Marketing scenarios in the form of Case studies would introduce to the trainees developing their fundamental and analytical skills.

Portfolio Creation And Evaluation

Portfolio speaks a lot about what you know and your skills in this field. It creates the first impression as you are all set to start a career in the Digital Marketing field. Therefore, what matters the most is how your portfolio looks and what it consists of.

Our Digital Marketing industry experts/guides would guide the trainees in customized portfolio creation and refinement sessions. They would also evaluate your portfolios. Since they are aware about the current industry requirements. It would boost your chances of generating a better portfolio.

Digital Marketing Scope, Industry Sector, Eligibility Criteria, Job Opportunities, Jobs Availability in Different Cities


Digital Marketing does not demand any proper criteria as such. Anyone from 12th pass outs to graduates,  to working professionals, to business owners, to freelancers, etc., can join the best Digital Marketing Courses in Nagpur, or their native city.

           Likewise, it is also suitable for college students, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, sales and marketing professionals, etc. There is no need for one to belong to a technical background.

Multiple career options and a higher pay scale, these are the USPs of a career in Digital Marketing. You have access to lucrative job opportunities once you join the Digital Marketing course at our Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Nagpur.

 A transformation in the marketing and advertising practices has made a massive scope for Digital Marketers. There are various institutes/groups that offer Digital Marketing job opportunities. Digital Marketing covers almost all the major sectors right from IT to Hospitality. It is known to have a wider scope and a bright future, especially in the metropolitan cities.

Digital Marketing Eligibility

Tech Savvy People
Social Media Enthusiast
BTech & MBA Students
YouTube Channel Owners
Marketing Managers
Working Professionals
Job Seekers  

Job Opportunities

Digital Marketing Executive
Digital Marketing Expert
Marketing Head
SEO Expert
Digital Marketing Professional
Digital Marketing Analyst
Brand Campaign Manager
SMM Manager
SMM Expert
Social Media Specialist
Digital Marketing Consultant
Digital Marketing Trainer
Google Ads Expert

Job Industry

New Startups
Industry Sector
Electronics Industry
Educational Institutes
Product based companies
Service Based Companies
Banking Sector
Film Industry
Real Estate
Local Business
Global Business



Social Media Marketing Services

The traditional method of marketing like printing posters, banners, face-to-face promotion has been taken over by the digital ways of marketing. Now-a-days the entire market is preferring the digital ways of marketing their venture on internet and also saves a significant capital as compared to previous traditional marketing methods. We at Digitalz compusys understand this gradual transition from face-to-face to digital marketing and we understand your brand and marketing challenge thoroughly, thus we Digitalz compusys started providing you digital marketing services at a very low affordable cost increases your brand awareness and Lead Generation in today’s digital world.

Social Media Marketing Benefits to your Business

• Social media marketing helps you Grow your Business & also improves brand loyalty.
• Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to gain new customer insights.      
• Different social media platforms will help you reach targeted audience.
• Marketing through social media is cost effective.
• Many of your competitors are using social media for increasing their customers.


Benefits of Promotional Ads

• Increase Your Web Traffic, Page Likes, Post Engagements, Video Views.
• Reach a Targeted Audience.      
• Build Brand Loyalty.     
• Increased Exposure to Potential Customers.
• Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Benefits of Lead Generation

• Social media marketing helps you Grow your Business & also improves brand loyalty.
• Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to gain new customer insights.      
• Different social media platforms will help you reach targeted audience.
• Marketing through social media is cost effective.
• Many of your competitors are using social media for increasing their customers.